Compliance Management

FKM introduces Compliance Management System

There is hardly any term that has become more topical in recent years than that of Compliance Management. This comes against the background of increasing violation of competition law and the high media focus both on corporates and medium-sized companies.

Current legal rulings reveal that German courts are placing high demands on compliance structures in companies. A CEO could be prosecuted for organisational failings if the company has no Compliance Management System in place. A conviction could not only lead to a civil damage suit and other legal consequences for management but is a serious long term image and reputation blow to the company.

Management at FKM Elemente GmbH has therefore decided to establish a Compliance Management System. The necessary structures will be put in place for this in the coming months. This not only affects the internal organisation but also includes business partners of the company. FKM is thus adding another important building block to its risk management system.

Compliance Management

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