Thoughts about the turn of the year

Christmas is just around the corner and the year is quickly coming to a close. It’s a general custom to reflect at the end of the year and that usually also involves deciding on some “great resolutions”. In keeping with this tradition we, too, have turned inward when thinking of the new year and pondered what we expect 2021 will bring. Naturally, we have set ourselves a few resolutions too. And our wishes of course include the “usual suspects”, such as health, love, luck, fortune etc.

2020 was marked by two closely related events: the Corona Pandemic and the resulting economic recession. Thousands in Germany have suffered – and are still suffering – from both events, either from the disease itself or from the economic fallout such as drop in sales, loss of employment or even the total loss of something that was built up so laboriously.

So what is TRULY important to us in the new year?

People in the cities and countryside are taking stock. And yet many also dare to take a hesitant glance towards the future: What will the new year bring? How many possibilities will remain to control one’s own life? Will the encroachment from the outside, by politics and the economy continue to grow? How much honesty can people expect to be treated with? Will mountains still be made out of molehills to deflect from the actual problems?

Lots of questions await an answer. They also require people who act with the right perspective in mind and prudence for the welfare of all.

And amid all of this, we must not forget that with a few exceptions, our fate lies in our own hands in most cases. First and foremost, we are responsible for our personal actions and determine our own fate.

We have made great plans here at FKM for the new year. However, everyone should start with themselves, first. With the best of intentions and of course full of conviction to realize and implement their own resolutions. And we mustn’t forget: though we are all individuals, it is us working together that counts. We can only we meet the challenges together; we are only strong together.

With this in mind, we wish all our staff members, customers and business partners a joyous Christmas season and a Happy New Year, whatever it may bring. So allow us to quote Nietzsche in this context: “Only at the end of a year do you know how it all began”.

Thoughts about the turn of the year